Those who follow ZENFEEL will know how passionate we are about delivering acoustic comfort across a wide variety of spaces, in a way that blends seamlessly with their intended design. We often talk about how important it is to achieve a comfortable level of reverberation in office environments, for example, one that allows for easy conversation, and also one that maintains privacy and a peaceful working environment. In this article, we would like to highlight the importance of aesthetics whilst ensuring that all the above criteria are also met. So let’s take a look at American International Group (AIG)’s Shanghai Pudong office, where ZENFEEL acoustic products have been integrated across multiple spaces.


AIG office, Shanghai
AIG office, Shanghai


What do we mean by balancing acoustic comfort with aesthetics?

Traditional pyramidal sound insulation foam: efficient but not aesthetical
Traditional pyramid sound insulation foam: efficient but not particularly aesthetic


Acoustic comfort, in general terms, is the measurement of how much wanted vs unwanted sound is present in a given environment. In environments with high acoustic comfort, only sounds that are desired to be heard are present, uninterrupted by noise, not overly reverberated, and without echo. In places like concert halls, this means hearing music clearly and fully, without the feeling that it’s been hollowed out by high ceilings, or interrupted by the sound of doors opening and closing or noise from adjacent rooms. In office environments, acoustic comfort means being able to have conversations and give presentations, without being interrupted by printers or people working.


Acoustic comfort is within our control. By understanding how sound travels, how it bounces off various surfaces and shapes, and how it is absorbed, we are capable of creating products that, if installed and arranged correctly, can produce the correct balance within any given space. Keen observers of the news will note that this was a highlight of the newly opened main hall in the Sydney opera house in May 2022. However, a challenge still remains: how can these products be designed so that they respect the visual aesthetic of a particular space, and even add to its design characteristics? For example, traditional acoustic control products like pyramid or wavy foam boards (pictured above) would look out of place in an office or concert hall. This is where ZENFEEL’s products excel.


 Large red acoustic baffles hang in Sydney Opera House, 2022. Source:
Large red acoustic baffles hang in Sydney Opera House, 2022. Source:


The project:AIG Shanghai Lujiazui Office


American International Group Office, Shanghai
American International Group Office, Shanghai


One of the world’s largest multinational firms, AIG was in fact founded in Shanghai. It is therefore vital that their offices make a lasting impression on their visitors, in terms of their look, feel, and professionalism. During a recent refurbishment, for this task, they enlisted the help of JINHAN 金瀚, who in turn sourced acoustic products from ZENFEEL.


Product One: ‘Wave’ Embossed Acoustic Panels


  • Wave embossed polyester acoustic panels
  • Wave embossed polyester acoustic panels
  • Wave embossed polyester acoustic panels


These polyester fiber panels were applied in one of the AIG reception areas. As can be seen, the vertical lines match those found on the seating upholstery, and in the air vents on the ceiling. They give texture to the column, and abide by the design concept that vertical lines give the impression of a high ceiling. All this while effectively absorbing sound in an area where conversations are likely to be held.


Product Two: Groove Cut Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels


  • Open office groove wall panels
  • Pantry groove wall panels
  • Groove wall panels details
  • Open office groove wall panels details


Installed in offices and the pantry area, these Groove Cut Acoustic Panels exemplify how acoustic products can produce both acoustic and aesthetic comfort. There’s an old adage in the design world that ‘good design is invisible’, meaning that when something fits correctly, and works properly, people don’t notice that it’s there. In the case of the panels in these pictures, it’s very unlikely that a layman would have any idea that they were placed there for acoustic control. They simply appear to be appropriate design features of the wall.


Product Three: Plat Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels



These panels are similar to the Groove Cut panels, only they’re left with an entirely flat surface, thereby appearing simply to be part of the wall. They were installed on the walls of individual offices and meeting rooms. As can be seen in the GIF above, they were also integrated into divider panels, taking an existing product and improving it, by ensuring that different sections of a large meeting area could be dynamically sound-insulated.


  • Acoustic panels on moveable partitions
  • Individual office wall acoustic panels


With a careful implementation of these three products, the AIG office now has an optimum level of acoustic comfort, while maintaining a professional and elegant aesthetic.


We hope you have found some inspiration and ideas from the expertise in acoustic comfort and design aesthetics that ZENFEEL has shared with us. If you want to learn more about how to create acoustic comfort, please visit our blog. Or if you are interested in ZENFEEL’s acoustic products, don’t hesitate to contact us today!