In 2021, an international cosmetics company wanted their new Shanghai headquarters to be fitted with acoustic solutions in line with their dual aims of sustainability and employee comfort. The project was large and complex, requiring high quantities of customized products and environmentally-friendly installation practices. Below, we will give an overview of the project aims, the solutions that ZENFEEL provided, and the outcomes.

Project background

The client, a world-leading cosmetics company, holds two commitments at the heart of its operations. One is a commitment to employee health and wellbeing,  implemented not only through its labour policies, but also through the creation of workplaces that are safe and comfortable. The other is a commitment to sustainable practices. They have targets to achieve carbon neutrality, both in their operational sites and in their supply chains.

Shanghai headquarters of ZENFEEL client

The key to a comfortable workplace is effective acoustic control. Employees need a balanced working environment, where they can comfortably communicate without intruding on others, and where they can find peace and quiet whenever necessary. For the client, this means acoustic comfort not only in their open-plan office spaces and meeting rooms, but also in the canteen yoga room, and multi-function activity rooms; spaces in which acoustic balance is often challenging.

To tackle this challenge, the client called upon the services of Delhom Acoustique, a world-renowned acoustic consultancy company that counts Hilton, Marriott, Johnson & Johnson, JC Decaux and others among its client list. Delhom’s team performed an acoustic study during the design phase, assessing optimum targets for each zone, and listing appropriate materials, quantities and specifications. ZENFEEL’s products were selected and validated by the design team and the acoustic consultants, for their acoustic performance and quality, and, most vitally, their sustainability.

ZENFEEL Polyester Acoustic Panels

Acoustic solutions from ZENFEEL

ZENFEEL fitted a large quantity of customized Polyester Acoustic Panels. These panels are 100% recyclable, can be made with up to 75% recycled materials, and can be fitted with environmentally-friendly low emission glue. Panels with both a standard and a groove finish were fitted, some with two-toned carved designs to match the office’s existing design. ZENFEEL specially customized some panels to be fitted on moveable partitions, for acoustic control in multi-purpose activity rooms.

  • dining-room-acoustic-panels-carved
  • Acoustic panels and lamps suspended assemblage
  • Carved 'groove' acoustic panels details
  • Customized acoustic panels integrated in furniture
  • Acoustic partitions details

Acoustic panels were fitted on each part of the mobile partitions, allowing good sound insulation between these spaces and adding a creative touch to the design.

Moveable partitions fitted with acoustic panels
Moveable partitions fitted with acoustic panels

An Eco-fiber sound-absorbing panel made from coconut fiber was integrated with the Polyester Acoustic Panels and installed throughout the office tower. The thickness of these panels ranges from 30mm to 60mm. It is entirely discreet, hidden from the eye by the printed surface of the polyester panels, and achieves high sound-absorption while being made from 100% natural materials.

To complement the wall installations, and achieve a good acoustic balance, ZENFEEL installed Ceiling Flocking Spray in many areas of the office tower. This special spray coats the ceiling, with sound-absorbing micro-fibers. They create a soft surface that greatly reduces the amount of sound that’s bouncs back down into a given room or area. After the Flocking Spray is applied, it is painted over, to make it blend in with the colours and designs of each room.

Project outcome

Thanks to Delhom Acoustique’s consulting, and ZENFEEL’s high standard products and installation, the entire office building was fitted with tailor-made acoustic solutions, in line with the client’s sustainability and employee health goals. Employees are now able to find peace and solace in the yoga room, eat in a canteen that is free from the usual din found in such environments, and find their focus easily in the open-plan offices. The often-noisy activity rooms are effectively insulated from the quieter working environments, and the management offices now have the tranquility and discretion needed for key decision-makers.

ZENFEEL’s team was delighted to have the valuable chance to work on this project, offering green, sustainable, and high standard acoustic products. At the same time, we are glad to be approved by our client and acoustics partners. We will continue to strive to provide more office spaces with acoustic solutions, to contribute in improving the work environment of more and more companies and employees.

Meeting rooms with acoustic treatment

For more information about creating acoustically comfortable work environments, or to see more samples of our work, reach out to ZENFEEL today.