Turnkey acoustic retrofit

Take your space to the next level, without the hassle

You already have a site or a building that needs an upgrade for comfort, discretion or regulatory reasons. Those elements might be inherent to the building itself or linked to your activity (noisy machines, crowded areas, etc.). There are always solutions to noise problems.

Attentive care and professional skills are required to achieve the best performance. From  assessment to installation, each step is important.


Acoustic study

We start by performing an acoustic study of your space, assessing the weaknesses and defining precise performance targets by zone. We provide a detailed report with suitable acoustic treatments and specifications to reach the target performance.



Our large variety of products give you freedom to pick materials and colors that match your current design… or allow you to transform your space as you wish.



Last but not least, the installation phase is crucial to ensure the materials you purchased are used to their full potential. Our teams are here to handle it, sparing you the hassle and worry of managing a construction project.


Performance check

We not only leave you with awesome acoustics, but we also perform final performance tests, for documented proof of the brand-new comfort that your ears can feel.


An acoustic retrofit is a game-changer. Discretion and comfort are just some of the many benefits!

Contact us to start assessing the potential of your space