Project activities

Original situation:

Several meeting rooms, phone booths and small waiting rooms had to be refurbished in order to increase the privacy between each room and the acoustic comfort within each of them. Naturally, confidentiality is a key issue in this law firm’s office.

What we implemented:

Zenfeel provided a global acoustic approach with consulting,  products customization, and installation. The 1st step was to solve the noise insulation problem. We had to dismantle the existing movable partition wall, and build a new insulated wall to increase confidentiality. Secondly, we treated the reverberation issues inside each room by adding sound absorbing panels.


The meeting rooms now benefit from a high insulation level (40dB instead of the 22dB initial level), while enjoying a new decoration with customized prints and carved panels using the company’s colors.



Installed products

Our scope of work on this project : turnkey retrofit

Floor surface (m2)

Acoustic treatment surface (m2)

Dear Zenfeel team,

I wanted to let you know that your team did a great job in our offices. Work was done very professionally, clean and on time. All Da Wo employees and clients enjoy the new acoustic comfort and the enhanced sound insulation of our conference rooms.

Philippe Snel

General Manager, Dawo Law Firm

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