Project activities

Original situation:

Luneurs has opened several stores in Shanghai in the past 3 years and has always taken great care to offer comfortable spaces to its customers. In particular, they wanted people to enjoy their food and drinks in the store, while also enjoying the background music, being able to chat with friends but without being disturbed by other customer’s conversations.

What we implemented:

Depending on the design and acoustic target to achieve, Zenfeel provided customized solutions to respect the customers’ requirements while achieving its desired atmosphere. Luneurs stores are using acoustic ceiling flocking spray, stand-alone partitions, suspended acoustic lighting structures, acoustic panels for walls, columns, and as back layer in built-in cabinets.


Thanks to the high quality acoustic materials installed, clients in Luneurs shops can enjoy their food and drinks without being disturbed by other customers’ conversations. It’s a real pleasure to discuss and enjoy music in F&B establishments without feeling overwhelmed by ambient noise.



Installed products

Our scope of work on this project:

Surface covered (m²)


Working with Zenfeel has been a great satisfaction since D-1. They are proactive and detail oriented. As a customer, working with them feels like being well understood and peacefully taken care of.

Mr. Qian YAN

CEO, Luneurs

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