Acoustic panels are often thought of as rectangular monoliths: necessarily inflexible, laid out as large features on a wall, unchangeable. The reality is, with a bit of creativity, they can be used to create visually appealing installations and graphic displays.

In April, Zenfeel helped with a small-scale renovation of offices in Putuo, Shanghai, belonging to ZS Design. They came to us with a pattern, which you can see in the photos below, and we produced it. By cutting the larger panels into smaller pieces, and laying them out like this, it gives the wall a sense of movement, of flow, while still reducing reverberation in the room.

The project was completed extremely quickly, from order placement to production and installation. The designs were cut out of acoustic panels, to the designer’s specification, within a week.

In this case, it was ZS Design that provided the design and installed the panels, but effective communication meant that they could be produced according to specification without error.

If you have an idea of how acoustic panels may be cut and used creatively, please feel free to reach out, and we’ll do our best to realize your vision.