Anyone who’s spent more than a few weeks in Shanghai will likely have heard of Luneurs. The bakery chain that started not long ago in Xingfu Li has become something of an empire, spreading its flaky pastries and incredibly popular ice cream across the entire city. They are the go-to place for people from cultures far and wide, in search of French-inspired baked and frozen goodness.

Just look at these beauties!

A few months ago we wrote about Zenfeel acoustic control products seamlessly fitting into various Luneurs sites around Shanghai. Our contributions were muted, subtle, restrained. The idea was to help control the acoustic environment in a way that did not draw attention, but that calmly enhanced the aural and visual environment.

With Luneurs having opened a new space in Rockbund, they wanted to do something a little different. Out with the modest, in with the big, bold and brash. Having worked with us on multiple projects, they trusted Zenfeel to bring the goods. For our part, we were delighted to be able to showcase the versatility and creativity with which our line of Polyester Acoustic Panels can be used. Especially in such an iconic location.

How? This is how.

Using three layers of custom-cut, custom-coloured Polyester Acoustic Panels, together we crafted this art wall. It features signature elements from the Luneurs product line, such as croissants and ice cream, alongside patterns evocative of the Luneurs style.

Hollowed-out panels and colour variability allow for intricate design elements and the use of condense typefaces. The wall sits alongside the old school booths and decorative ceiling, contributing to the overall aesthetic, while acting as a tool to reduce reverberation in the room. For coffee shops and bars, this is invaluable, as it gives patrons a sense of privacy and reduces the overall volume in the room.

We love it when we’re presented projects like these, where we’re able to embody the creativity of designers in a way that doesn’t require them to make sacrifices over their vision. Part of this historic building, for example, is the ceiling pictured above, that was preserved. The colour tones and patterns of the art wall were chosen precisely to fit with this remarkable design. With a full spectrum of colours available, and an infinite number of ways in which the panels can be cut and carved, the only limit to the application of these panels is the imagination.

Go and check it out for yourself, if you can. Rockbund is a historic venue, and now it has one of the classiest bakeries in town. While you’re there, take a look at the art wall, and let us know if you’d like to create something similar.