Historically, brands have often struggled to combine “functionality” and “aesthetics”. However, bringing these two aspects together is Zenfeel’s speciality. The brand is dedicated to innovative and sustainable acoustic solutions, and with its high quality and efficiency, it has quickly become a unicorn brand in the acoustic solutions market.

Very recently, the “Zenfeel 2023 Product Catalog” was officially launched, showcasing the brand’s entire range of products, including its acoustic panels, tiles, baffles, and decorative effects. It provides detailed acoustic performance data, as well as customizable colors and styles, to create captivating audiovisual experiences in all spaces. Almost all products in the catalog are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, minimizing their impact on users and the environment, and enhancing the overall sustainability of spaces.

The products in the catalogue are accompanied with attractive visuals, illustrating the various ways in which the products can be integrated into different scenarios.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels

Polyester fiber acoustic panels can be used on ceilings, walls, and other surfaces, seamlessly combining acoustic performance and visual aesthetics.

Printed acoustic panels

Printed acoustic panels are the epitome of polyester fiber acoustic panels, presenting vast colors in a continuous and soft manner, concealing any noticeable seams or breaks, and infusing spaces with a sense of extension and vitality.

Acoustic Batts

Zenfeel’s acoustic batts are primarily made from materials such as eco coconut palm, eco wool, and eco hemp fibers, serving as sustainable substitutes for traditional acoustic materials and providing ideal sound absorption for spaces. Among them, the coconut palm acoustic lining has garnered favor from numerous users. Composed of coconut husk extracts, it exudes a natural botanical texture, adding a touch of simplicity and authenticity to spaces.

Eco Fiber Coconut Panels

Decoration & Furniture Accessories

By incorporating acoustic performance into home decorations such as sound-absorbing pillars and screens, spaces gain an artistic charm.

Leaf Curtain

For example, the leaf curtain shown in the above image is composed of multiple leaf-shaped decorative sound-absorbing panels. It provides both visual and acoustic privacy, breaking away from traditional partition designs and achieving spatial acoustic performance in a more artistic manner.

If you would like to see the full version of the product catalog, please leave a message to contact us. We hope that Zenfeel’s products can contribute towards your ideal office and living environment!