Recently, Zenfeel were asked to help apply acoustic treatments to two offices in Shenzhen. It was a great opportunity to integrate several of our best products; we’re proud of how they contributed not only to the acoustic balance of the offices, but also how they complemented the interior design. Here, we want to share some examples of what was implemented.

Office One: Ceiling baffles

Here we can see Zenfeel Polyester Baffles applied to ceilings of large open areas. They seamlessly integrate with the strip lighting above, and are custom cut to accommodate an appealing pattern. In the second picture, some of the baffles are made with raw materials with varying colours, to give a sense of visual heterogeneity.

Office One: Mobile Partitions

Partitions between meeting spaces are notorious for sound leakage. Sessions requiring privacy and focus can often be interrupted by large group activities in adjoining areas. Here, Zenfeel have applied Groove Cut Acoustic Panels, custom fit to the dividers, allowing for whiteboard space to enhance the meeting experience. Their custom cut and colouring gives the room some character, while the vertical lines help give the impression of a high ceiling.

Office One: Wall-Mounted Groove Cut Panels

In the first picture here, we can see groove cut panels that utilise the same design as those mounted on the mobile partitions, ensuring the meeting rooms have tonal consistency while ensuring acoustic balance. In the second picture, we can see groove cut panels in a smaller meeting room, once again giving space for a whiteboard and in this case a digital display, while ensuring that reverberation within the room is kept at a comfortable level.

Office Two: Groove Cut Polyester Panels

In this large meeting area, reverberation would have been a serious issue without decent acoustic treatment. The large walls and open area would have allowed sound to bounce around and persist, making meetings uncomfortable. In this case, our coloured acoustic panels, cut into small triangles and assembled in a pattern, bear a style reminiscent of art deco pattern, aligning well with the chic warm lighting, painted ceilings and light wood features.

Office Two: Featured Groove Cut Panel

In the meeting room above, the Groove Cut Acoustic Panel was selected not to cover the entire wall, but to be displayed as a feature decoration. Its intense dark colour and the movement in the pattern breaks up the otherwise bare and sparsely decorated meeting area. In the picture below, the entire wall has been covered with the same colour and pattern. By placing the same pattern in two different forms, in two different places, the office décor is given a sense of interspatial tonal consistency. It allows office occupants to build a sense of familiarity with their working environment.