At the Design Shanghai fair held in June, over 600 high-end design brands and independent designer brands from more than 40 countries and regions showcased their collections, featuring furniture and lighting design, kitchen and bathroom design, new materials and applications, as well as lifestyle and accessory design. It was a design extravaganza that delighted visitors.

As one of the exhibiting brands, Zenfeel showcased its ceiling and wall panel systems with their excellent sound absorption performance. These acoustic panels demonstrated the unique way in which Zenfeel brings acoustic comfort and aesthetic quality to interior spaces while embodying the brand’s forward-thinking vision of sustainable development and environmentally friendly materials.

The entire booth was divided into a fun interactive area, a color card display area, and a consultation area. Visitors could relax in the interactive area on the right side while experiencing the textured surfaces of the hollowed out acoustic wall panels. On the left side, they could explore the brand story and product collections in the color card display area and consultation area. The booth design showcased the diversity of Zenfeel’s acoustic panels, including carved acoustic panels, suspended panels, and acoustic flat baffles, all made from polyester fiber, creating coherence and visual appeal in the space.

The interactive area features hollowed out acoustic panels that create a decorative petal effect., adding a touch of fun and creativity to the space.

A variety of wall panel patterns and carved styles were presented at the exhibition, offering both acoustic functionality and tips on how to enhance wall textures.

Color card wall display : Zenfeel’s products are customizable in terms of colors and styles.

In line with today’s interior design landscape, which increasingly demands both functionality and aesthetics, Zenfeel provides innovative and sustainable acoustic solutions for modern spaces. The company aims to create products that improve indoor acoustic performance while replacing traditional acoustic products. With a strong focus on quality and efficiency, Zenfeel has quickly become a leader in the acoustic solutions market.