Groove Polyester Acoustic Panel

Product type

Rigid panel

Main component

Polyester fiber


100% polyester fiber (PET)

Environmental properties

100% Recyclable
ISO 16000-6-2011
ISO 16000-9-2006
Meets the WELL certification requirement for VOC emissions based on the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method v1.1-2010
VOC emissions tests: Very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (below 0.029mg/m3 over 7 days)

Fire resistance

Available in basic version (standard) or fire resistant grade (limited options):
EN 13501-1:2018 class B-s2,d0
GB 8624-2012 B1 (B-s2, d0)


Can be cut to smaller sizes
Standard panel 2400x1200mm


12mm ±1mm (limited availability)
24mm ±2mm (limited availability)
9mm ±1mm (standard)


12mm: 2300g/m2
24mm: 3600g/m2
9mm: 1900 g/m2 (standard) or 1500 g/m2 (limited options)

Acoustic Performance

Refer to the performance of standard panels for reference (the performance of the carved panels can be slightly lower due to the portions removed)


Indoor use only

Installation methods

Wall installation: Adhere to substrate with environmental friendly low emission glue,
Wall installation: Or use a nail gun (recommended for carved panels or dark colors, to avoid obvious marks)

Available accessories

Environmental friendly glue

Available colors

Refer to the color palette

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